Carbon Dioxide in Classrooms. Are kids safe?

Carbon Dioxide in Classrooms. Are kids safe?

Californian classrooms are now required to have a carbon dioxide monitor in order to track proper ventilation and ensure minimum risk in COVID-19 aerosol distribution, inhalation and contraction.

The assembly bill is here:

The California legislature passed AB841AB-841 Energy: transportation electrification: energy efficiency programs: School Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program.

Dr. Koz summarizes the key points:

  • The monitor must be mounted to the wall between three and six feet above the floor and at least five feet away from the door and operable windows.
  • The monitor must display the carbon dioxide readings to the teacher through a display on the device.
  • The monitor must provides a notification through a visual indicator ...or other alert system .... when the carbon dioxide levels in the classroom has exceeded 1,100 ppm.
  • The monitor must maintain a record of previous data that includes at least the maximum carbon dioxide concentration measured.
  • The monitor must has a range of 400 ppm to 2000 ppm or greater.
  • The monitor must be certified by the manufacturer to be accurate within 75 ppm at 1,000 ppm carbon dioxide concentration and is certified by the manufacturer to require calibration no more frequently than once every five years.

Forensics Detectors offers two versions of carbon dioxide monitors that are AM841 compliant:

1. CO2000 (wired) via a USB cable to any smartphone charger

2. CO2001 (plug-in) directly plug to a power outlet (coming in Jan 2021)