What is a Tactical Navy Seal Pen?

What is a Tactical Navy Seal Pen?

A tactical pen is a pen that can be used for tactical applications.  To be more specific, a tactical pen is typically a pen that is made of metal and can be used as a striking instrument and also as a multi tool.

The FORENSICS DETECTORS tactical pen has been specifically designed by Dr. Koz, chief engineer in California, USA. The tactical pen is precision machined that includes a robust pen, multitool and high power Gallium Nitride LED. This pen is made for every day use specifically for engineers, inspectors and technicians, and provides the same performance as tactical pens used by Navy SEALS, SWAT, & Military Pilots. The tactical pen is made of the same grade of aluminum used in aircraft is CNC machined for maximum strength to weight ratio.The Pen can act as a extremely effective multi-tool that can also be used in self defense situations. Perfect for hunters, hikers, kayakers, backpackers, fishermen, or anyone who works or enjoys recreation activities away from urban areas.

This tactical navy seal pen is made from high-quality military grade anodized aluminum , and contains a complete tool box hidden within its modern and sleek design.

Features include:

  • Bright LED Flashlight
  • Hex wrench
  • Saw blade
  • Bottle opener
  • Reinforced steel glass breaker tip
  • Ball point pen
  • Extra batteries and ink cartridge

Please note, a tactical pen can be a good addition to an everyday carry bag. Tactical pens have a lot of features and can be taken places where other weapons are not allowed, including airplanes and airports. Pens vary widely in cost based on brand name, materials, and features. For most, its best to start with a low- to mid-price pen, especially to stash multiple pens in different bags or vehicles.

Tactical pens can do a lot of damage if wielded properly, but like any weapon, you must develop the skills and strategies to use it effectively as a backup self defense weapon.

 Who is it made for?

The FORENSICS DETECTORS tactical navy seal pen is specifically made for our customers. They are technicians, engineers, inspectors, law enforcement, agents, Navy SEALS, SWAT, HAZMAT technicians & Military Pilots. Also perfect for everyday uses for hunters, hikers, kayakers, backpackers, fishermen, or anyone who works or enjoys recreation activities away from urban areas.

What to look for?  
Before buying a tactical pen, carefully consider what type of replacement ink cartridges it uses. Some pens can take a variety of cartridges, whereas others require a very specific cartridge. Waterproof ink is worth the investment if you often write outdoors. The FD-PEN includes a extra pen cartridge.