Our Story


Forensics Detectors is the most comprehensive gas measurement company in the world. Since its founding in 2017, the company offers the best and most affordable gas detectors, meters, and analyzers, serving a broad spectrum of industries such as oil and gas, research and development, transportation, food, construction, electronics, and occupational safety. Forensics Detectors has grown significantly and now provides almost every major type of gas meter and detector. The company is committed to delivering top-notch professional gas measurement, detection, and monitoring equipment, coupled with expert technical support. It is located in the scenic Palos Verdes Peninsula in Los Angeles, California.

... now the "real" story

In 2017, Forensics Detectors was founded by Dr. Koz, a gas detector expert. From a young age, Dr. Koz built and sold amateur radio equipment at flea markets in Melbourne, Australia.

During his studies in electronic engineering, Dr. Koz received a scholarship from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He joined the Sensor Technology Laboratory, which was led by Professor Wojtek Wlodarski. Dr. Koz was thrilled to be a part of this team and spent up to 14 hours a day in the lab. His initial projects included developing an optical analyzer for particulate emissions, a humidity sensor, and a combustion analyzer, as well as various toxic gas sensors and systems. Professor Wlodarski nicknamed him "Action Man".

Dr. Koz invented the world's first carbon monoxide sensor system for vehicles. This invention which prevents driver fatigue and suicides, was widely covered in national news. As a PhD student, Dr. Koz traveled around the world to present his inventions and ideas at international conferences and major industry events, including Siemens in Germany and the Ford Motor Company in Michigan.

While pursuing his graduate studies, Dr. Koz attended the May 2001 IEEE Semiannual Vehicular Technology Conference in Rhodes, Greece. During the trip, he made a side visit to the enchanting Santorini island where he met his future wife. After getting married, they settled in Los Angeles, California, where Dr. Koz became an engineering professor at UCLA.

At UCLA Dr. Koz was active in nanotechnology for sensors, nanoelectronics for computing, and nanomaterials for telecommunications while collaborating with the Department of Defense, Intel, IBM, GlobalFoundries, and MICRON. He published with the Nobel Laureate Prof Stoddart, and invented next generation MOF gas sensors with BASF researchers. In 2013, he left UCLA to lead a tech venture startup in high speed carbon electronics for 5G communications.

Over the many years, Dr. Koz was constantly sought out by law firms across the United States and Canada for his expertise in forensic toxic gas detection and consulted in over 40 legal cases as an expert witness. Over the years, he was shocked by the lack of available products that could prevent toxic gas exposure. After pondering this issue for a few years, the "Action Man" took action and founded Forensics Detectors Company in 2017. The company's objective was clear: to provide consumers with the best, most affordable, and innovative gas detectors, meters, and analyzers on the market.

Today, Dr. Koz leads a talented team at Forensics Detectors. The company manufacturers the most comprehensive variety of gas detectors and analyzers for a plethora of industries and continues to innovate and disrupt new markets. The team strives to deliver the highest quality gas detection equipment, at affordable prices and super fast delivery speeds.