Computer Interface and Datalogging

✅  OZONE Analyzer FD-UVO3 Hardware Setup to Computer    




Ozone Analyzer FD-UVO3 YouTube Overview Click Here

✅ Live Display.

  • Display on-screen live gas concentration levels facilitating remote continuous monitoring and access to advanced analyzer setup features.

 Data Logging.

  • Data logging capture via continuous monitoring of gas concentration levels with time stamp. 

✅ Export to CSV.

  • Export data in CSV file format for easy spreadsheet data manipulation and graphing.

    Software Setup

    Step 1: Setup the RS485 to USB Converter Driver on your PC

    Ensure you have the converter driver installed on your PC. Some versions of Windows automatically detects this device and installs the driver automatically. Go to your PC COM port settings to ensure it has been recognized and or installed. If not, follow the instructions on the below links.

    1. Converter Information Click Here

    2. Drivers (VCP Driver) for PC Click Here and associated driver Window version installation instructions.

    Step 2: Software Installation and Software Demo Video

    • Video of install and setup. 
    • Software operation demo and tutorial of functionality.

    📥 Download 

    • Name: ModbusPoll64bit.exe
    • Purpose: Executable program used to interface to the FD-UVO3 Analyzer.
    • Version: 6.3.1
    • System: Windows PC only
    • Size: 1.7MB
    • Other: 30 day FREE. Then a single user license is required to be purchased @ $129. Click here for license purchase.

    Click Here To Download

    📥 Download 

    • Name: FDv1.mbp
    • Purpose: Open this file within the Modbus Poll software. This file changes the visible register format so it is easy to read and modify analyzer parameters.
    • Size: 20KB
    • Version: v1.0
    • System: Windows PC only

    Click Here To Download