Computer Interface and Datalogging

    ✅ FD-4S      




    ✅ Download Alarm Records.

    • Useful for alarm logging, safety records and reports.

    ✅ Live Display.

    • Display on-screen live gas concentration levels facilitating remote continuous monitoring.

     Data Logging.

    • Data logging capture via continuous monitoring of gas concentration levels with time stamp. Change interval from 1 to 100sec.

    ✅ Export to CSV.

    • Export data in CSV file format for easy spreadsheet data manipulation and graphing.

      Software Details

      Part 1: Software Install Video

      • Video of install and setup.
      • Note: If the detector is not automatically shown in device manager USB Serial - you must manually select the driver file CH341SER found in the download file packet.   

      Part 2: Software Demo Video

      • Software operation demo and tutorial of functionality.



      📥 Download 

      • Current Version: v1.0
      • Release Date: 11th June, 2020
      • Requirements: Windows PC (sorry, no macOS version) 
      • Size: 9MB
      • Name: FD-DAS v1.0.
      • Type: *.exe with InstallWizard