Moisture & Humidity Gas Filter | Large

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Compatible Detectors: All

  • ⚛️  Description: This is a generic moisture filter, otherwise known as a humidity filter, water-vapor filter, or air dryer filter. This filter is used to reduce the moisture content of air or a gas sample prior to being analyzed by a gas sensor, detector, meter, or analyzer. Removing water vapor content is important as most sensor technologies have cross-sensitivity to water vapor.  Such a filter is commonly used in combustion line setups, breath analysis, or in humid sample environments (tanks, silos, caves, etc...). 
  • 📶  How does it work? Silica gel is a desiccant that can hold 30 to 40% of its weight in water. Water molecules stick to their surface, which is called adsorption. Each silica bead has many tiny interconnected pores, resulting in a high surface area. These desiccant beads are dark blue in color and will change to a light clear pink when they have absorbed their maximum amount of moisture and need to be changed. Note when they start to turn pink they have usually about 40% life left in them so it is a personal preference how soon you change them also depends on how important it is that you get no moisture in your air line. 
  • 👫  Instructions: Connect the filter in line with the air supply line tubing. 
  • 🔣  Specifications: Dimensions: 5x26cm / 1.97x10.24inch Weight: 1 lb, Barb Length: 1 inch, Barb Outer Diameter: 8.3mm / 0.32 inches, Active Material: Blue Beads Cobalt Chloride (0.005%).