T-piece and Tubing

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Compatible Detectors: FD-600 (all versions), FD-311 (all versions), all pumped detectors and analyzers

  • ⚛️  Description: The T-piece is used for pump-based detectors where users need to detect a positive pressure stream from a gas source (i.e. gas bottle). Pressure seen by the detector micro-pump should remain as constant as possible. Comes with a particle filter.
  • 📶  How does it work? The setup works in two basic ways: 1) Gas source airflow exceeds the flow supplied by the micro-pump. In this case, the excess air will be exhausted out from the particle filter. 2) Gas source air flow does not meet the micro-pump volume demand. In this case, the micro-pump needs "make up" air volume, which will be supplied from the surroundings. The ambient air will be directed through the particle filter and into the micro-pump. In this case, the incoming airflow will dilute the gas source concentrations.
  • 👫  Instructions: Please see the image. Connect one end to your gas supply and the other to your detector or pump intake for gas analysis. Ensure the other filter side measures one atmosphere to enable exhaust or makeup air as described. 
  • 🔣  Specifications: Comes with 3 x 2-inch pieces of silicone tubing with an inner diameter of 0.13 inches. The T-piece barb has an outer diameter of 0.2 inches. The particle filter is the FD-FILTER-PARTICLE model.