Acetylene Gas | 50 ppm |

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Brand: GASCO
Gas: 50 ppm Acetylene (C2H2) gas balanced with nitrogen (N2)
Recommended for: FD-90A-C2H2
Required Regulator: C10
Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Click Here

  • 🚚  SHIPPINGShips direct from GASCO (Florida) with a 2-week manufacture time + Free HAZMAT shipping.
  • ⚛️  USE: Your gas detector, meter, or analyzer must be bump tested and calibrated regularly to make sure it is functioning correctly. GASCO calibration gas bottles ensure proper calibration and bump testing. 
  • 🔬 ACCURATE: NIST traceable source calibrated gas. ISO 9001:2008 certified process. Ships with a Certificate of Analysis (COA).
  • 🕵️  TRUSTWORTHY: Forensics Detectors is an authorized distributor of GASCO® products. GASCO calibration gas meets or exceeds the requirements of the Original Gas Detection Equipment Manufactures Specifications. 
  • ♻️ MATERIALS: Recyclable and disposable cylinders.
  • 🔣  SPECIFICATIONS: Connection: C10. Bottle material: aluminum.
  • 📚 TERMS: Non-cancelable / non-returnable.
  • 🇺🇸  PROUD: Made in the USA. 
  • 👩  CONTACT: If other concentrations are required, email