Calibration Cap FD-4A

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Model: FD-4A-CAP
Compatible Detectors: FD-4A (all versions including combustion analyzer)

  • ⚛️  Description: This is a basic plastic calibration cap compatible with our FD-4A gas detectors. The cap fits over the front of the detector sensor port and comes with a screw to be fixed to the detector. It is used when one requires to calibrate the unit or use it as an in-line gas monitoring fixture (i.e. with a pump accessory). Please note, these caps come standard with all detectors, so no need to purchase separately.
  • 📶  How does it work? The cap fits onto the sensor port of any FD-4A detector. 
  • 👫  Instructions: Place the cap on the sensor port of your FD-4A detector. Connect your supply gas line to the cap inlet barb. Apply gas flow from 0.3 to 0.5 LPM.