Remote Air Sampling Kit

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Model: FD-Kit-60

This kit plugs into our fixed wall gas detector, FD-60. It is a great solution for situations where you do not want the detector in the same space as the monitored subject air. Enables air sampling to be taken and directed to the gas detector in a nearby location. Made from an ultrasonic pumping mechanism, the pump is different from the traditional electromagnetic air pump, resulting in reduced EMI, no motor, no shaft, compact design, quiet operation, lightweight construction, and long service life. The kit includes an ultrasonic pump, 3 feet of silicone tubing (easily extended using standard silicone 3 mm (ID) tubing), and a machined aluminum screw cap that attaches to the FD-60 sensor assembly.


Pump voltage: 110 V
Power: 50W each relay
Air flow: 0.3 LPM