Low Level CO Detector | Fast 25ppm Alarm |

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User Manual: 
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  • 🏠 USES: Protection for older adults, elderly, pregnant women, young children, and persons with medical conditions.
  • 🔬 ACCURATE: CO low-level meter that buzzers at 25ppm. 
  • 🔔 FAST ALARM: Alarms at 25ppm @ 1min compared to other typical >70ppm @ 60-240 minutes.
  • 👪  TABLE OR MOUNT: Product stable on the table, no need to mount, comes with screws for a wall mount.
  • 🕵️  TRUST: ** 1-year limited warranty ** 100% quality guaranteed **

Details: The LOW-LEVEL CO ALARM - J0001 is a fast and sensitive monitor designed to provide added protection for older adults, the elderly, pregnant women, young children, and persons with medical conditions who may be more vulnerable to the adverse health effects of exposure to low CO levels. This monitor displays CO concentrations of 10ppm and above. Standard CO devices typically display above 30ppm. Also, the CO detector triggers an audible alarm when CO is detected at 25ppm after 1 min compared to more typical alarms that trigger at 70ppm and can take between 60 to 240 minutes to actually alarm. The fast CO monitor alarms closer to various agency CO gas exposure permissible limits. The CO monitor comes with a production date to give users life expectancy estimates so users know when to change the alarm. Features include a low-level display, display >10ppm, fast alarming at 25ppm at 1 min, 5-year sensor life, low battery warning, product stable on the table, no need to mount.

Included: CO Detector, 3 x AA Batteries, Screws for wall mount, English User Manual.

Specifications: Electrochemical CO sensor, CO Display Range: 0-9ppm ...displays "0", 10-999ppm ...displays level, Operation Temp: 40 to 100F, Ambient Humidity: 10% to 90%, Buzzer Level: 85dB @ 1m, Product Weight: 140g, Product Life: 5 years, Size: 255x44x44mm.