Micro Pump | Air | FD-600

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  • 🎆 PUMP: A small diaphragm micro-pump used in the FD-600 gas analyzer
  • 🕵️ REPLACEMENT: Easy to replace by users with technical experience.

Details: This is a replacement air micropump for the FD-600 gas analyzer. To prolong pump life please make sure the pump is not straining and there is no debris in your needle, probe, tubing, and filters. If there is a blockage, the pump will strain and will fail earlier than expected. If it does fail, then the pump will stop. At this point, the pump no longer can draw air into the unit and is not able to sample gas. In this case, a replacement pump can be ordered by us and shipped to you. The replacement process is straightforward for a technically-minded person. Otherwise, please send us your analyzer and we will change it for you for FREE. Just make sure to purchase the unit then email Sarah at sarah@forensicsdetectors.com to give her a heads up the unit will be shipped to us for the pump replacement.
Included: Micropump


Voltage: DC 3v
Working temperature: 14F - 122F, <95% RH
Expected Life: 2000 hours
Weight: 0.5 oz
Flow: 0.3-0.7 LPM
Barb OD: 3mm