Ozone Bump Tester

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Model: FD-O3-BUMP
Gas: >300ppm Ozone (O3)
Compatible Detectors: FD-90A (O3), FD-60 (O3), FD-600 (O3), FD-90(O3)
User Manual: Click Here

  • ⚛️  Ozone Bump Testing? Ozone must be generated for bump testing. Most gases are stable and therefore can be compressed in a bump test can or cylinder. Not for ozone. Because it is an unstable gas, with time it decays to oxygen, hence, it must be instantaneously generated. Our ozone bump tester makes it easy for you to bump test any ozone gas detector, meter and analyzer to make sure it is functioning correctly.
  • 📲 How does it work? The tester incorporates a corona discharge element to produce ozone. The unit emits over 300ppm of ozone, however, based on the proximity of the tester to the subject meter, a low level or wide range ozone meter can be bump tested making it very versatile.
  • 🐘 STRONGElephant strong. Rugged & Heavy Duty.
  • 🔣  SPECS: Dimensions: 3.1x3.1x0.8 inches, Weight: 5.3 oz, Input Voltage: 5V 1A, Working Temperature: 30-120F, Working Humidity: 10%-90%RH, Battery: Lithium Polymer 220mAh
  • 📦 PACKAGE: The package includes the ozone tester, USB micro cable for recharging and manual.
  • 🔘 OPERATION: Press the ON button to begin. The working blue indicator light will stay ON when ozone is being generated. The unit will auto-off after 10 minutes.

What is Bump Testing?
Bump testing is to expose the gas detector to a small amount “blast” of target gas to ensure the detector operates and alarms as programmed. The function of this test is to verify detection operation and build user confidence, particularly in hazardous and critical user applications. Recommended to bump test when first purchased and unpacking detector and weekly thereafter. In LIFE THREATENING and/or DANGEROUS applications we recommend to bump test before every period of use in order to verify detector operation.