Acidic Gas Filter

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Compatible Detectors: All

  • ⚛️  Description: This is a activated carbon filter used to reduce the acidic gas concentration of sample air prior to being analyzed by a sensor, detector or meter. Removing acidic gases may be important especially when using electrochemical sensor technology. Acidic gas content may create a erroneous signal when measuring reducing gases such hydrogen (H2) or carbon monoxide (CO). This filter is effective in reducing gases such as SO2, NOx, Ozone, HCl, hydrocarbons and other organic vapors. 
  • 📶  How does it work? Activated carbon has high surface area, and a ability to selectively adsorb and retain gas molecules on the internal surfaces of tiny pores and interstices of its granules. Here is a list of gas molecules that activated carbon adsorbs - click here.
  • 👫  Instructions: Connect the filter in line with the air supply tubing. The filter is bi-directional so it does not matter which way it is connected. One end is the input the other is the output which is directed to the sensor.
  • 🔣  Specifications: Dimensions: 3.1x1.3x1.3 inches, Weight: 1 oz,  Barb Length: 0.8 inches, Barb Outer Diameter: 0.2 inches, Active Material: Activated Carbon Coarse 100% Food Grade.