4 Gas Analyzer with USA NIST Calibration

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Model: FD-600-4GAS
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  • 🎆 Professional: A top quality 4 gas monitor with a built-in pump to detect Oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and combustibles (LEL). Comes FACTORY-CALIBRATED. 
  • 🌈 Color Display: Color screen and graph functions allow for easy and intuitive operation. Built-in pump for super fast detection.
  • 📲 Alarms: The detector has LED, Buzzer, and Vibration alarm modes. Alarm levels are adjustable.
  • 💪 Strong: Robust design, constructed with high-strength ABS and anti-slip grip rubber. Water-resistant, dust-proof, and explosion-proof exceeding Exib IIB T4 Gb.
  • 🕵️ Trustworthy: ** 1-year limited warranty ** Arrives with calibration and QA certificates ** Product tested and verified in the USA ** 

Details: This is our best industrial 4-gas multigas detector. The 4-gas monitor has a built-in pump that allows for super quick sensor response and point or continuous sampling to confirm air quality, toxicity, and safety when entering confined spaces. A very robust unit for personal protection that is perfect for workplace and occupational safety. This 4-gas monitor detects CO, H2S, O2, and LEL. It comes with a 32-bit microprocessor, color LCD, and graphing capabilities. Used in the industry by construction workers, utility workers, refinery workers, firefighters, maintenance engineers, inspectors, and those who spend time in sewers and waterworks, underground storage tanks, oil rigs, tanks, and silos, and often used in the maritime industry. The stainless steel probe is also popular, easy retracts down to one foot or extends to 4ft to sample gas at those hard-to-reach locations. For those that do not require a 4 gas meter without a built-in pump, we recommend our 4 gas meter FD-4AIf data logging is required our FD-4S multigas detector is an excellent option.

Included: The product comes with the multi-gas analyzer, English manual, USB charging cable, charger, 4-foot telescopic stainless probe and tubing, and a USA NIST calibration certificate.

Calibration Kit:
Calibration T-piece & Tubing
Calibration Gas (Multigas)
Calibration Gas Regulator (C10)
4 Gas Bump Gas

Other Accessories & Parts:  
Gas Sensor Replacement (CO)
Gas Sensor Replacement (H2S)
Gas Sensor Replacement (O2)
Gas Detector Waterproof Case
Gas Detector Stand

Calibration Service:

Gas Detector Calibration Service (multigas)


Combustible gas (LEL) detection: 0 - 100% with 1% resolution
Oxygen (O2): 0 - 30% with 0.1% resolution
Carbon monoxide (CO): 0 - 999 ppm with 1 ppm resolution
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S): 0 - 100 ppm with 1 ppm resolution
Gas Sensor Type: Electrochemical (CO, H2S, O2) & Catalytic (EX LEL)
Calibration Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Calibration Standard:
USA NIST Traceable Gas Source
≤ ± 5% F.S.
Response time: ≤ 20 sec
Working temperature: 14F - 122F, <95% RH
Battery: DC3.7V Li-on battery, 3200mAh
Gas sensor life: 2-3 years
Recommended calibration period: 6 - 12 months
Explosion-proof grade: Ex ib IIB T4 Gb
Protection grade: IP65
Weight: 14 oz / 400 grams
Dimensions: 5.1 in × 2.6 in x 1.2 in
Charge time: 4 hours
Operating time: > 10 hours
Pump rate: 0.3 LPM - 0.5 LPM (300 - 500 cc/min)