Carry Case | Waterproof

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Model: FD-CASE-300
Compatible Detectors: All Detectors

  • ⚛️  Description: A portable and all-weather carry case for your valuable detectors. Easy-open latches with a reinforced stainless steel frame. The pressure valve ensures that items remain at constant pressure and do not expand or contract. The case also prevents water and dirty air from contaminating gas detectors, providing a "fresh air" environment.

  • 👫  Instructions: The internal case has soft padded foam. To use, place the detector and any accessories in the case, close the lid, and latch. Before opening, adjust the release valve to equalize the internal pressure with ambient pressure.

  • 🔣 Specifications 
    • Made with high-quality polypropylene.
    • Length 11.7 inches
    • Width 8.3 inches
    • Height 3.8 inches.