Gas Sample Cooler | High Temp Gas Conditioner

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Compatible Detectors: FD-600 (all versions), FD-311 (all versions), FD-PUMP, FD-311 (all versions)

  • 🎆  Description: This is a special Flue Gas Cooler and High-Temperature Gas Conditioning system made for high-temperature gas sampled from flue gas, exhaust gas, ovens, kilns, and other combustion processes.
  • ⚛️  MAX Temperature: Input gas not to exceed 170C (continuous) or 250C for 40 seconds (MAX) - enough time for one sample.
  • 🏭  Uses: Sampling very high-temperature gas streams such as those working with commercial boilers, flue gases, exhausts, ovens, kilns, and high-temperature manufacturing processes. 
  • 🕵️  Compatability: This gas cooling system is the perfect companion for any analyzer with a built-in pump such as the Forensics Detectors FD-600 and FD-311 analyzers.

Details: The hot gas is probed with the 1-foot metal probe. The suction from the analyzer (not included) draws the gas through the water trap. Due to the sudden temperature change, condensation will occur and be trapped in the first H2O filter before entering the forced air cooling radiator. The air is then cooled and passed through the NOx acidic filter and then ready to be sampled by the attached gas analyzer. If your detector does not include a built-in pump, then you require an external pump to create a suction/vacuum and draw the gas sample through the system. In this case, we recommend FD-PUMP.

Instructions: Turn on the Fan. Ensure all connections are tight and the water trap is empty. Connect the gas analyzer and ensure the gas analyzer pump is ON. Once all is confirmed OK, place your probe in the high-temperature gas stream for testing.   Take your measurement. Be aware of the water trap filling up and emptying as required. Be aware many components will get skin-burn hot including the metal probe.

Included: The system comprises a 1-foot gas sampling metal probe, 3ft silicone tubing, high-temperature silicone tubing, a fan-cooled radiator, a water trap, a NOx acidic filter, and a particulate filter.


Voltage: DC 12V, 1A (AC to DC adapter included)
Working temperature: 0 - 170C (continuous), 250C for 45 secs MAX
Weight: 1lb
Required Flow: 0.3-0.7 LPM
Water Trap Reservoir: 40ml
Barb OD: 3mm (input and output)
Probe: 1-foot length with 3ft silicone tubing
Case: Pelican Type Waterproof
Case Material: High-quality polypropylene.
Case Dimensions: Length 11.7 inches, Width 8.3 inches, Height 3.8 inches.