CO2 Gas Filter | Soda Ash

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  • ⚛️  Description: This is an absorbing CO2 filter made using soda ash with a precise mixture of calcium hydroxide (CA(OH)2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH). Used in various gas sensing applications to reduce and eliminate residual CO2 so no cross interference occurs, especially when using NDIR sensing technology, and comes standard and recommended for our FD-600M-N2O nitrous oxide analyzer.
  • 📶  How does it work? Due to the high surface area of soda ash, the material selectively adsorbs and retains CO2 gas molecules. When it is saturated it will turn to WHITE. When it is PINK, it is still in good working order. 
  • 👫  Instructions: Connect the filter in line with the air supply tubing. As the filter is bi-directional, it does not matter which way it is connected. One end is the input the other is the output directed to the sensor. The gas detector setup requires positive pressure from either an external pump or an internal built-in pump.
  • 🔣  Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 3.1 in x 1.3 in x 1.3 in
    • Weight: 1 oz
    • Barb length: 0.8 inches
    • Barb outer diameter: 0.2 inches
    • Active material: soda ash with a mixture of calcium hydroxide (CA(OH)2) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH)