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Brand: Envitec by Honeywell
Model: FD-OOM202
User Manual: Click Here

This is the replacement sensor for the FORENSICS DETECTORS O2BOX oxygen analyzer for scuba diving. If you do not wish to replace the sensor yourself, an alternative is to send us your gas detector unit. Purchase the replacement gas sensor and the gas detector calibration service. Once received, we will replace the sensor for FREE and send for gas detector back with a new calibration certificate.

This sensor is made by Envitec (Honeywell). This is a high-quality oxygen sensor that has the following features: 

• Compliant with European MDD (CE certification)
• Meets ISO 80601-2-55
• Designed and manufactured according to EN ISO 13485
• Accurate and reliable fast response
• Excellent signal stability
• High product quality
• Made in Germany

• FDA cleared

Cross-Sensitivity Data

Gas Concentration Output Signal
(% O2 equivalent)
Oxygen 20.9% 20.9%
Carbon Dioxide 5% 0.1
Hydrogen 2,000 ppm -0.2