Car Aircraft Carbon Monoxide Detector (Version 2.0)

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Model: FD-CAR002
User Manual: Click Here (some differences, but mostly the same as CAR001)
Blog Article: Click Here

    This is a limited-run prototype v2.0 (only 45 units as of December 12th, 2022). It has all the features of our original FORENSICS DETECTORS vehicle and aircraft CO gas detector, including HIGH-QUALITY Japanese sensor technology.

    In addition, the v2.0 version has the following upgrades:

    • Brighter LED alarms
    • Soft Rubber Touch Feel
    • Vibration alarm modality
    • Larger LCD Display

    Prototype Includes: CO detector with 2 x CR2032 batteries installed with a sling.


    Size: 3 in x 2 in x 0.5 in
    Weight: 3.5 oz
    Sensor: electrochemical sensor, made in Japan
    Battery: 2 x CR2032
    Battery life: 6 - 8 months on standby, shorter if alarms
    LED: max level indicator / CO alarm indicator
    Buzzer: sound alarm, 70 dB at 1 meter
    Working temperature: -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
    Working humidity: 15 - 90% RH
    CO detection range: 9 ppm to 999 ppm
    Resolution: 1 ppm with 0.5 secs averaging & refresh rate
    CO accuracy: ±10% of CO reading
    Lifetime: 3 years