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Model: FD-90E-YELLOW
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  • ⚛️ ACCURATE: Sensor made in Japan, sensitive ppm (0 - 10,000ppm) concentration display.
  • 🔔 ALARMS: Adjustable audio, visual, and vibration alarms alert when preset levels are reached.
  • 💪 STRONG: Shockproof, water-resistant, dustproof, and explosion-proof.
  • 🌋 USES: Designed for inspectors, utility workers, refinery workers, maintenance engineers, and technicians.
  • 🕵️ TRUSTWORTHY: ** 1-year limited warranty ** Arrives with calibration and QA certificates ** Product tested and verified in the USA ** 

    Details: A professional GAS LEAK DETECTOR by FORENSICS with advanced specifications, features, and functions constructed with a premium Japanese FIGARO gas sensor. This detector features an advanced microprocessor, a high-resolution LCD for clear display, and advanced alarm functions with adjustable light, sound, and vibration. Applications include detecting propane at home or industrial use for inspectors, utility workers, refinery workers, maintenance engineers, technicians, and many others who wish to monitor combustible gas leakages. This detector is used in waterworks, underground storage tanks, oil rigs, tanks, and silos in the maritime industry. Can detect propane and all other combustibles such as methane, butane, alcohols, gasoline, solvents, and natural gas.

    Included: Gas leak detector, aluminum case, English manual, USB charging cable, and charger.

    Calibration Kit (sold separately):
    Calibration Gas (EX)
    Calibration Gas Regulator (C10)
    Bump Gas (EX)

    Other Accessories (sold separately):  
    Gas Detector Waterproof Case
    Gas Detector Stand

    Calibration Service (sold separately):  
    Gas Detector Calibration Service

    Detectable Gases and Vapors: Acetone, acetylene, alcohol, ammonia, benzene, butane, ethanol, ethylene, oxide, gasoline, hexane, hydrogen, methane, naphtha, natural gas, paint thinners, propane, solvents, and hundreds of other combustible gases.

    Sampling method: natural diffusion (no pump)
    Combustible gas (LEL) detection: 0 - 10,000 ppm (methane) with 1 ppm resolution Accuracy: ≤ ± 5% F.S
    Response time: ≤ 30 sec
    Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ 50℃, < 95% RH (no dew)
    Power source: DC 3.7V Li-on battery, 1800 mAh
    Gas sensor life: 5 years
    Explosion-proof grade: Ex ib IIB T3 Gb
    Weight: 300 g (with battery)
    Dimensions: 210 mm × 66 mm × 30 mm (L × W × H)