CNBC Interviews Dr.Koz (on CO2 Meters)

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CNBC Interviews Dr.Koz (on CO2 Meters)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) has become an important gas to monitor and detect in this post COVID world. CO2 monitoring is required for the safe handling and storage of millions of vaccines. In addition, CO2 detection is a useful proxy that measures infection risk within a closed indoor space.



  • More attention to the important topic of CO2 monitoring and uses during the pandemic.
  • CO2 meters are low-cost devices that help with the safe handling of vaccines and ensure virus-free indoor spaces.
  • Seema Mody is Dr. Koz's favorite CNBC reporter.
  • CO2 sensors are becoming scarce as many suppliers and manufacturers run out of the devices.
  • Sales of CO2 meters (as of June 2021) have returned to normal and the market has returned to pre-pandemic levels. It may have been a fad "increase" in demand.

Why Was Dr. Koz Interviewed by CNBC?

Seema Mody, a global markets reporter for CNBC, interviewed Dr. Koz in December 2020. She was reporting on the Pfizer vaccine rollout, specifically on the ultra-cold temperatures required for storing the COVID-19 vaccine. Developed by U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Germany-based BioNTech, vaccine shipment and storage has driven a buying frenzy for freezers and dry ice. 

Medical workers and nurse technicians immunizing citizens also have to learn how to properly handle dry ice. CO2 meters have increased in demand to help monitor increased CO2 levels caused by dry ice. In addition, demand of CO2 monitors is amplified due to the reopening of schools. Many school districts use CO2 monitors to ensure classrooms have enough fresh air to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Where Is the CNBC Article?

The article quotes Forensics Detectors as follows:

Forensics Detectors — a small business based in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, which specializes in monitoring toxic gases like CO2 — has also seen sales skyrocket. “My sales have increased over 10 times over the past three months, owner Dr. Kos Galatsis told CNBC. “We are sold out of carbon dioxide detectors.”

The article can be found by clicking here.

What Is Fueling the CO2 Meter Demand?

Carbon dioxide monitors are used to continuously detect CO2 levels and alarm so action can be taken - increase fresh air, ventilation, reduce occupants, open windows, open doors, and other measures.

What Are the CO2 Meters Offered by Forensics?

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