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Particulate Matter PM2.5, Vape Detector -

Vape detectors are used to measure the level of vapor produced by e-cigarettes in an indoor environment. A vape detector is a highly sensitive particulate detector, is a great low cost option to detect vapor indoors used for vape, e-cigarette detection, and generally as an air quality detector.

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Particulate Matter PM2.5 -

Cannabis detectors are used to measure the presence of marijuana odor, marijuana smoke in a indoor environment. A sensitive particulate detector such as a PM2.5 detector is a perfect low cost method to detector an indoor space to confirm if cannabis or cigarettes where consumed or smoked. Particulate PM2.5 can be considered as a weed detector, marijuana smell detector, weed odor detector or weed gas meter. 

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Carbon Dioxide Meter, Carbon Dioxide Monitor, Carbon Monoxide Detector, CO Alarm, CO Detector, CO2 Meter, CO2 Monitor, Particulate Matter PM2.5 -

As the effects of climate change worsen, the risk of wildfires continues to increase greatly. Monitoring carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and airborne particulates can provide early warning to dangerous forest fires. Firefighters use these gas detectors to keep themselves safe while preventing blazing wildfires from spreading too far. In addition, these devices are essential to protect occupants from unexpected forest fires and toxic gas accumulation.

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Carbon Dioxide Monitor, Carbon Monoxide Detector, CO Detector, CO2 Monitor, Gas Leak Detector, Low Level CO Detector, Particulate Matter PM2.5 -

The three best gas detectors for the home include (1) carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors, (2) a carbon monoxide (CO) detectors, and (3) particulate (dust) detectors. These three detectors will be able to take care of 95% of air quality problems in your home.

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