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Maintaining a healthy level of oxygen at 20.9% is essential for safe living at home and in occupational spaces.  Oxygen deficiency monitors help mitigate the risks associated with low oxygen levels by continuously monitoring the indoor space. Air ventilation is also an essential aspect too. If the oxygen levels were to go too low, the oxygen deficiency monitor would alarm so warning can be provided, and where possible corrective action to take place. There are some situations that oxygen monitoring is not the best option, and although oxygen is being displaced, it may be more appropriate to detect the gas doing the actual "displacement"...

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A oxygen analyzer can measure O2 concentrations in the air. It is common to these devices when analyzing indoor air quality, oxygen deficient processes, or residual oxygen after an inert gas flush. Oxygen detectors typically analyze concentrations less than 20.9%. In some applications, enriched oxygen levels may need to be measured.

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Oxygen analyzers measure oxygen levels produced by oxygen generators, oxygen concentrators, oxygen systems, and oxygen machines. Typically, these devices combine measurements of oxygen purity concentration (O2), flow (F), and pressure (P). Oxygen analyzers consist of an ultrasonic sensor that detects both oxygen and nitrogen, ranging in price from $300 to $5,000.

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An oxygen analyzer is a critical tool used by divers to confirm the oxygen levels within their gas cylinders. It is essential that the oxygen analyzer is reliable as air inhalation during diving is the biggest safety concern. Oxygen analyzers used for diving are also referred to as a scuba analyzers, O2 analyzers, or simply as oxygen analyzers. They are easy to use and display the oxygen concentration in %vol of the gas cylinder.

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