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Gas detection is a life-saving technology, and carbon monoxide detectors are among the most crucial safety devices in our homes, protecting our loved ones from the silent killer. As the importance of CO detectors grows, so do the questions surrounding their proper use and maintenance. Common inquiries about carbon monoxide detector placement, beeping, and false alarms continue to be raised by the general public, highlighting the need for clear guidance and understanding. In this article, we will address these popular questions, providing essential information on how to effectively utilize gas detection through carbon monoxide detectors, ensuring the safety and well-being...

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Pet dogs and pet cats cannot smell carbon monoxide. In fact, no animal can sense or detect carbon monoxide. Although dogs have a superior olfactory system compared to humans, carbon monoxide gas in odorless to all dogs. However, although they cannot smell carbon monoxide, dogs, cats and other small animals are more sensitive to the adverse poisoning affects when carbon monoxide gas is inhaled. 

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Carbon monoxide (CO) is a tricky but deadly gas. It is elusive and difficult to track down as it cannot be sniffed out by the human nose. Many customers purchase CO meters to find a carbon monoxide leak or check for safe levels in the home, car, office or work and also help to determine if CO level are exceeding OSHA, WHO, NIOSH or ACGIH CO Threshold levels.Handheld portable CO meters are very popular and very affordable. Many are available on and, but it can get tricky to make a selection. Which is the best CO meter? Here we will provide some guidance and key features of what to look for when selecting a CO meter under $100. 

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