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Combustible Gas Detector, Combustibles Meter, Gas Leak Detector, Sewer Gas Detector -

Gas leak detectors are devices used for sewer odor detection. They can be helpful in identifying the presence of a potential gas leak in a house or other building. They are particularly helpful for people working in the gas leak or sewage detection industry, including inspectors, refinery workers, and maintenance engineers.

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Combustible Gas Detector, Combustibles Meter, Explosimeter, Flammable Gas Detector, Gas Leak Detector -

An explosimeter is an electronic gas meter that detects combustibles, flammable gases and volatile vapors. These instruments are used to assess gas and vapor for volatility, flammability and provides a good indication of the vapor pressure on a relative basis. These units are commonly used in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, refining industry, R&D and industrial processing.

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