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An oxygen deficiency monitor alarms when oxygen levels in a indoor space go below 19.5%. While maintaining an oxygen level of 20.9% is important, detecting the specific gas responsible for oxygen displacement can be more effective. Gas detectors continuously monitor indoor spaces, alerting occupants when dangerous levels of specific gases are present. Ventilation plays a vital role in maintaining safe air quality. The choice between oxygen deficiency monitors and gas-specific detectors depends on factors such as sensitivity, price, best practices, guidelines, and regulations. Gas-specific detectors offer targeted monitoring, allowing for quick identification and corrective action when harmful gases are detected,...

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A oxygen analyzer can measure O2 concentrations in the air. It is common to these devices when analyzing indoor air quality, oxygen deficient processes, or residual oxygen after an inert gas flush. Oxygen detectors typically analyze concentrations less than 20.9%. In some applications, enriched oxygen levels may need to be measured.

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