Headspace Analyzer | Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen

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  • 🎆 HEADSPACE: CO2 (NDIR sensor) and O2 (electrochemical sensor) headspace analysis. Comes FACTORY-CALIBRATED. Turn ON and GO.
  • 🌈 COLOR: Color screen and graph functions allow for intuitive operation.
  • 📲 DATA LOGGING: USB recharging and real-time computer data acquisition. Comes with syringes, filters, luer lock connectors, and 100 septa.
  • 💪 STRONG: Robust design constructed with high-strength ABS and anti-slip grip rubber. Water-resistant, dust-proof, and explosion-proof exceeding Exib IIB T4 Gb.
  • 🕵️ TRUSTWORTHY: ** 1-year limited warranty ** Arrives with USA NIST calibration certificates ** Product tested and verified in the USA ** 

Details: Our CO2 and O2 analyzer is the perfect solution to your packaging analysis problems. The headspace analyzer investigates your modified atmosphere packaged (MAP) products to measure oxygen and/or carbon dioxide-modified levels. The FORENSICS CO2 and O2 analyzer is an excellent option with intuitive usage. Based on our industrial analyzer platform, this analyzer includes a built-in pump that is easy to use and very portable. Simply insert the needle tip of the probe into the food pack through a septa seal pad. The septa device provides a tight seal and prevents air from leaking into the package through the puncture hole. With full user control, the built-in pump draws in the small or large quantity of sample air required for analysis. The pump can be turned off at any time to sample the right amount of air, as packaging headspace varies from product to product. Comes with a color screen, large digits, and on-screen real-time graphing. The detector is constructed with an advanced electrochemical oxygen sensor. The internal 32-bit microprocessor allows for user calibration, ON/OFF flow, and test control. Typical testing takes less than 30 seconds.

Included: O2/CO2 analyzer and magnet back, English user manual, USA NIST calibration certificate, USB charging cable, charger, 2 x needles, 2 x filters, 100 x adhesive septum, and tubing with Luer lock connectors.

Calibration Kit (sold separately):  
Calibration T-piece & Tubing
Calibration Gas (CO2 balanced in N2)
Calibration Gas Regulator (C10)
Bump Gas (CO2 balanced in N2)

Accessories and Parts (sold separately):  
Gas Sensor Replacement (O2)
Gas Detector Waterproof Case
Gas Detector Stand
Headspace Kit, Needles, Filters, Tubing, Septa

Calibration Service (sold separately):  
Gas Detector Calibration Service (multigas)


Oxygen (O2) detection: 0 - 30% with 0.01% resolution
Carbon dioxide (CO2) detection: 0 - 100% with 0.01% resolution
Error: ≤ ± 3% F.S.
Response time: ≤ 20 sec
Operational temperature: 14F - 122F, < 95% RH
Battery: DC 3.7V Li-on battery, 3200 mAh
Gas sensor life: 2 - 3 years (O2), > 5 years (CO2)
Recommended calibration period: 6-12 months
Explosion-proof grade: Ex ib IIB T4 Gb
Protection Grade: IP65
Weight: 14 oz
Dimensions: 5.1 in × 2.6 in x 1.2 in
Charge time: 4 hours
Operating time: > 10 hours
Pump rate: 0.1 LPM - 0.3 LPM (100 - 300 cc/min)