Chlorine Detector | Wall Mount | USA NIST Calibration

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  • 🚀 INDUSTRIAL: Heavy-duty fixed CO detector Cl2 range 0 - 20 ppm. Electrochemical sensors. Comes FACTORY-CALIBRATED. 
  • 🌎 USE: Remote control up to 8 meters. 2 x relay alarm triggered switches (50W each relay) to control fans, pumps, electrical items, garage doors, or additional alarms.
  • 🎆 FEATURES: Large LED alarm and buzzer. Adjustable audio and visual.  Remote control. RS485 MODBUS Output and Analog Output (4-20 mA) for remote sensing and data logging.
  • 💪 STRONG: Explosion, dust, water, and flameproof. Explosion-proof grade: Exd ⅡC T6 Gb with IP65 housing protection.
  • 🕵️ TRUST: ** 1-year limited warranty ** Arrives with gas calibration and  certificate ** Product tested and verified in the USA ** 100% quality guaranteed **

Details: This product is a heavy-duty, industrial, wall-mounted chlorine (Cl2) gas detector for continuous detection. It is used in areas with high chlorine exposure to protect employees, such as water treatment facilities, pools, and chemical processes. OSHA permissible exposure level is set at 1 ppm. In addition to alarms, the detector can be used to switch ON/OFF electrical equipment up to 50W each relay of power. The user can set low and high alarms to trigger 2 x 50W each relay relays, perfect for strobe lights, FAN CONTROL, VENTILATION CONTROL, and other devices. For bump testing, chlorine bump test gas is not available. In this case, we simply recommend using the calibration gas and regulator setup to serve as the bump test gas or our bump test generator.

Included: Fixed gas detector, English manual, remote control with battery, HEX key to remove the cover, 24V power adapter to plug to 110V outlet, and wiring. Arrives with USA NIST calibration certificate.

Calibration Kit (sold separately)
Calibration Gas (Cl2)
Calibration Gas Regulator (C10)
Calibration Cap

Other Accessories (sold separately):  
Bump Tester
Gas Sensor Replacement (Cl2)

Air Sampling Pump Kit
Alarm Extension Fixture

Calibration Service (sold separately):  
Gas Detector Calibration Service


Chlorine (Cl2) detection: 0 - 20 ppm with 0.1 ppm resolution
Response time = 20 seconds
Accuracy: < +/- 5% F.S. 
Sensor lifetime: 2 - 3 years
Explosion-proof grade: Exd ⅡC T6 Gb, IP 65 protection
Response time: < 20 sec
Power supply: DC 24V ± 15%
Working temperature: 0 - 122F
Output current: 4 - 20 mA
Working humidity: 0 - 95% RH (no dew)
Contact output: 2 x relay contact output, max power 50W each relay
Single input: 4~  20 mA
Dimensions: 200 mm x 180 mm x 90 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 3 lbs
Threads: G1/2 male proof hose pipe thread size M20 x 1.5mm
QA performed by sensor and gas detector engineers
Product tested and verified in California, USA.